Tribal Rugs, Blankets, Throws, Art & Fashion From All Over The World

Tribl reminds us of the amazing cultural diversity across the globe and strengthens our ties with the past. Each piece is a hand selected artefact from the edges of the earth and has a unique story to tell.

Tribal Rugs

Hand woven master works from a time before technology. Each rug has a unique story and each pattern, colour and shape has been chosen to convey meaning.

Each piece is a work of art in its own right and can strengthen our bond with tribes from across the world and help us to carry on their story to the next generation.

Tribal Rugs
triba blankets

Tribal Blankets

There are 2 types of people. Those that take pride in their bedroom and those that want their bedroom to be a place of privacy (in other words, a dumping ground). These are for the former.

These blankets feature beautiful patterns and colours and should be flaunted!

Tribal Fashion

Funk up your wardrobe with timeless vintage and modern tribal fashions from every corner of the globe. We stock ethnic fashion for women and men in rich colours, bold prints and inticate weaves – from relaxed summer wear to hand woven knits. Whether you’re looking to make over your wardrobe or invest in some stand out signature pieces you will find your own kind of fashion fusion with unusual textures, foreign motifs, artistic embelishments and ornatley stitched garments. Wear your love of culture on your sleeve in these unusual and inspired designs.

tribal fashion